By: Lyle Hopkins

Wall Street and CEO culture in America is out of touch, arrogant, condescending, and those are
probably their good qualities. Recent examples run the gamut, from snooty finance employees sipping
champagne while mocking Wall Street protesters to a sign posted in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
proudly stating “we are the 1%.” It’s clear that our titans of industry are in dire need of an attitude

One of the worst offenders is the energy industry. Case in point, the CEO for the Colorado Oil & Gas Association reportedly said of fracking opponents: “These nuts make up about 90 percent of our
population, so we can’t really call them nuts any more. They’re the mainstream.”

Contrast that with what she could and should have said: “Opposition to fracking is widespread and
accounts for up to 90% of the population, as such we need to address mainstream concerns and
reassure the public about our industry.”

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